Work in style.



GARANT Home Design Home Office Collection

A working room must be one thing above all: functional! Simple style, light colors and reduced decoration provide little distraction. Sparingly used accessories are good for concentration and help you work more productively and creatively. In addition, lightly designed furniture – this leaves plenty of room for good ideas and a fresh mind.

Are you looking for a complete office for your home? We offer you desk solutions with lots of storage space and entire shelf units that can be individually designed and arranged. Stylish lamps and accessories give you the right office style.

If you need single workstations like classic small desks, we are also the right partner for you. Whether as additional furniture in your living room or as a desk in your small home office. Plus, choose from countless surfaces to create your unique workspace.

Desks are available in many colors, materials, shapes and designs. Before buying your new desk, you should clarify what requirements your workplace should meet and in which part of your office you want to place your desk. Should it be large and do you need a lot of storage space? Should it be space-saving and run across a corner? You can individually specify which material it may finally be and which size your new desk should have.

Our office racks are not only storage space, but also real eye-catchers. Freely combinable, they can be adapted to your office needs and thus easily fit into your interior design.