Качество и стил от Германия! GARANT Home Design

Ново жилище, нов етап от живота? Време е за цялостна интериорна концепция, стилна колкото теб! С GARANT Home Design вашите идеи могат да бъдат реализирани бързо и лесно. Без значение дали търсите цялостен интериорен проект или леко освежаване на апартамента или къщата ви, ние ще ви предложим индивидуални решения с огромен избор от цветове, дамаски и материали.

Жилищното пространство не е просто зона за релакс, в което прекарвате времето си и посрещате гостите, то е вашия дом, отразяващ стил ви . Ние се грижим много внимателно при избора на нашите продукти. Представяме марки, които използват едни от най-новите технологии в комбинация с ръчна изработка, специализирани в производството на индивидуални системи. Тези иновативни системи за обзавеждане предлагат функционалност и неограничена свобода на дизайна . Класическо или модерно, мат или гланц, каквото и да решите е възможно при нас.
Шоурумите на GARANT Home Design съчетават съвременния модерен дизайн с висококачествена изработка на мебели в Германия, Европа и други топ столици по цял свят.

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garant home design catalogues the style garant 20-21

The Style GARANT 20/21

С много лекота, свежи цветове и доза хумор приветстваме сезон 20/21, с вдъхновяващи интериорни тенденции.

В комбинация с актуалните цветове тъмно синьо, зелено и къри, тази година основна роля в обзавеждането, играят материалите: кадифе и ретан са задължителните за тази година. А ние определено се влюбихме в тях.

Няма да пропуснем да ви покажем и стилните ни лампи и аксесоари, които определено са черешката на тортата във всеки дом.

Individual. Stylish. Striking.

With high-quality living and upholstery furniture you show who you are. Stylish armchairs turn your four walls into a place of well-being and set accents in every room you like.

They are an absolute favorite piece of furniture.

Easy. Urban. Living.

Above-average deep, casually upholstered seats with generous cushions and various seat depths allow you to nestle down comfortably with your whole body. Additionally, some sofas have supplementary accessories, such as sofa shelves or occasional tables.

Thanks to the large variety of models and the individual selection of cover, frame, feet and many other accessories, there are no limits to your imagination.

Life. Style. Character.

Upholstered furniture such as a corner sofa is primarily used for the cozy gathering of families and forms the center of the living room. However, a corner sofa can do even more – there are many different furnishing options and useful additional functions.

Convince yourself of the beautiful designs!

garant home design catalogues dining

Meet. Feast. Enjoy.

Dining room furniture is perhaps the most important thing at home. After all, the dining room is the center of all socializing. It is where family and friends come together to eat, drink and celebrate in comfort. With an extendable dining table you can get the most out of your dining area, enjoy the extra space and welcome many guests.

Stylish. Exceptional. Strong.

Choosing the right highlight furniture can sometimes not be easy. The different colors, shapes and materials make the decision difficult. However, when making your final choice you should be guided by the rest of your furniture. In this way, the additional piece of furniture becomes a beautiful design element and blends harmoniously into your style of living.

Urban. Smart. Individual.

Colorful accents and intelligent storage space solutions for your working area: with our home office furniture you can use your space to its fullest potential. Additionally, open and closed shelves create a tidy atmosphere. So you can work relaxed and without distraction.

Individual. Practical. Good-looking.

Our home is the place where we live, love, laugh, surrounded by furniture that we carefully select with heart and soul. That is why it is so important to know exactly what we expect from each piece of furniture and what it is made of. In this way, your home can be furnished individually.

Style. Energy. Health.

Arrive, power down, relax. You will find relaxation from the hectic everyday life in the quiet rooms of your home. Important for the regeneration of body, mind and soul.

Whether as an upholstered bed model or made of real wood – we have the right one for every style in our collection. But also extraordinary functions make your bedroom unique.

garant home design catalogues small sofas

Style. Personality. Quality.

Feminine and elegant – these unique pieces like to stand in the spotlight and convey a modern aura.

Clear and calm shapes are a treat for eyes and soul. No matter whether as a single piece or combined in an ensemble.

Solid. Wood. Work.

Robust, stable and high durability – these are the most important characteristics of solid wood. As a biological and renewable raw material, this natural product is very multifunctional and rich in resources. Furniture made from this natural product is unique in color and structure which vary depending on the type of wood and the area in which it grows.